Endgame EP

by Thought Reform

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released August 17, 2012

Music & Lyrics by Matt Moss



all rights reserved


Thought Reform Preston, UK

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Track Name: Death Throes
Human condition, defective cognition
Basing our futures on past lessons
The denial of death, to control creation
immortal illusions for civilisation

We're in the death throes, cutting our own throats
An unsustainable chokehold
Getting what we deserve, we're fucking left to burn
Running on empty way past the point of no return

History's a nightmare, i'm trying to awaken
Freedom of thought, reforming my vision
This morbid knowledge corroded wisdom
accept the facts to destroy the system.

denial of responsibility is the mother of all atrocities

No return (the future is lost)
No return (Self imposed holocaust)
Track Name: Bringing Down the Temple
Routine jobsworth fucking disease
we're paper chasing baseless currency
I don't fucking want that, you can keep it
hung by red tape and buried in shit

A waste of my time, a mind filled with hate
I think we'd be better of dead than trapped in a ratrace

I wanna bring their temple down, and shut their fucking lying mouths
Redistribute all their wealth, and send the fat cats straight to fucking hell

Assets amassed by assholes
mass media mindfucks the young and the old
You could be a cunt too if you try
feed them cash watch them multiply

Hall of locusts, a chorus of cunts
Buying it all, just to get up infront

They buy; you die
You toil for nothing

work to rule, bend your back 'til it breaks
they'll take and they'll take, you're never safe

You toil for nothing

Fuck you, and everything you stand for
Never wanted this life, I don't need it no more
Fuck your HDTV's, MP3s
Reality shows, music industry

I'm done taking shit from the man
don't give a fuck what i've got in the bank
living the dream is not for me
Never aspired to popularity
Track Name: Endgame
Purge this fucking world, shatter the poisoned skies
Let nations crumble and every single human die

We know that there is no tomorrow, yet still we persist
Our thanatos has overcome our will to exist

A dream of caustic air choking the atmosphere
This wretched civilisation, fades and disappears

Lining the streets with ten billion rotting dead
Our once great cities becoming wastelands instead

No catharthis can abate this endless human lust for hate

All are infected, digging our own graves
At the 11th Hour, losing in the endgame
Track Name: Horse Crusher
Worthless and depleted, sent to the knackers yard
broken and defeated by the daily grind

Like beasts of burden crawling through the dirt
Necessity from cradle to grave

A systematic murder through work
In debt and enslaved

Pointless, deconstructive, make life too hard
Outlived their usefulness, they're left to starve

Blind deaf and dumb, you lie broken in the midday sun
Is that your station in life; to slave away and die?

Trapped by your addiction to this lifestyle that you don't need
No equilibrium of pleasure and suffering, trying make ends meet

take a look in the mirror
who put the scum in power?

Respite? looking forward to retirement? Probably die real fast
Like drones the change becomes toxic, you were not built to last.

you're meant to suffer in silence.
you're all part of the virus.
Track Name: Thatcher Tory Rape
Fucked up the arse for taking part
Beaurocrat bastards prolonging the farce
Sick of the sycophant fucks in control
An electoral system that's full of holes

You cunts, you're raping us all, and not in a good way, thatchertory rape

Cunts on the fence are taking the piss
They're starving the veterans, arresting the kids
Scratching a living to make ends meet
The fascist shepherd is fucking the sheep

Fucking cunts.